The Secretary of the Interior is a hippie druid that can shapeshift into a tree.


Odd is very connected with nature, having the ability to make plants grow and turn into a living tree herself. Her powers match her personality, as she is very much a hippie. She usually shows up to work in a tie-dye outfit, whenever she does actually show up. She hates having to do her work indoors with all the technological advancements; she finds they add unnecessary complication to people’s lives. Most of her work done and time spent is outdoors, so she has only befriended those who like to spend time outside.


Odd works as the Secretary of the Interior for San Seriffe. She was one of the people brought to Earth by the teleportation powers of Maxwell Powers during the mobilization.

Odd’s dream is to create a forest as grand as her mother’s. When she was a child, she lived in the forest that her mother cared for. It was a utopia for her, but her mother told her she had to leave one day. There would be danger in the world, and perhaps it would even be reset. She knew of a way to avoid all the trouble, but it required Odd having to leave for a short while. She left with Kenny and Maxwell Powers to live on Earth.

The fate of Odd’s old world is unknown to her, and she doesn’t know when Kenny will return from wherever he went. Odd wishes she could go back to the forest, but in the meantime the yearning is too strong to sit by idly, so she makes due with her quest to make her own forest.


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