The Master of Blades

Blade is a trained weaponmaster who is the Secretary of Veteran Affairs and the personal bodyguard of the president.


The Master of Blades, or Blade as she likes to be called for short, works as the Secretary of Veteran Affairs of San Seriffe, although this does not mean much as there are not any veterans yet. As such she also another job of being the president’s personal body guard. She has been dating the president for a while, and she finds it a little romantic that she gets to be his bodyguard.

Blade has the powers of her grandfather, Edge Master. So long as she is training an apprentice, she will not age, and she has the power to turn any weapon with a blade into any other weapon with a blade.

Because she is from the 1600s and has lived for so long, she has trouble adjusting to social norms of the time. She finds it easier if she does not try to be overly social, or if she is she tries to sit back and listen to others rather than be the center of attention.


Blade is the daughter of Edge Master. Legends say that Edge Master was a master of every fighting style, and that he could defeat any opponent in one-on-one combat. Edge Master was responsible for sealing away soul calibur and soul edge for the past 200 years.

Edge master’s apprentice, Kilik, wished to take his place, to do this, they had to fight to the death with every weapon at their disposal. Kilik was the victor of this fight. Some say that he fought dirty to win, others say that these are but rumors, as Kilik was as strong as Edge master.

Edge master had a granddaughter of 14 years when he was challenged by Kilik. Before their fight, Edge master requested that Kilik train his daughter as his apprentice should he become victorious. The Master of Blades should always have an apprentice, to carry on the legacy. Kilik did not do this at first, but he felt that he was not measuring up to his full potential after some time, and decided to do it. After taking on the apprentice, he found that the legend of the Mater of Blades and the powers that come with it were contingent on having an apprentice.

It was not until the Master of Blades turned 25 that she became strong and skilled enough under Kilik to be a true match for him. Kilik began to doubt that becoming the Master of Blades was the correct choice, as he longed for his old master again. He told the truth about Edge master’s death to his old friend’s daughter, but she already knew.

When they fought before on that day 11 years ago, Blade snuck into the basement and witnessed the end of the fight, since it went longer than their usual sparrings. Fearing that Kilik would kill her if he found out she saw, she kept it secret. When she found out he intended to train her, she decided to accept and use the power to avenge her father, but It ate her up that she had to accept the lessons from her father’s killer in order to grow strong enough to do so. Now that Kilik was telling her, she felt all the anger building up inside her spill forward, and she challenged him to a fight.

The victor was the Master of Blades. Some say that Kilik intentionally lost the battle out of guilt for what he had done, while others who have seen Blade become angry know her true power and believe her to be the stronger of the two.

When Blade became the Master, she did not know what she would do with her powers. She wandered the countryside, looking for a worthy use of her talents. She found that doing charitable work made her feel like she was making a difference, but she found no person worthy of being her apprentice. All of the swordsmen did not have the soul for it. She would decide to take on orphans and the poor as her apprentices, going through many over the course of her long life. She did not wish to train so much that they became tempted by power, so she went through many different apprentices, giving them enough to make their lives better. She became lonely after doing this for hundreds of years, as she never stayed long enough to make a connection to anyone for long.

Her wanderings would take her to the island nation. It was here that she met the first president, and she finally found someone with the soul to be her true apprentice. Blade still wished to train her apprentice after he took office, so she took a job as a member of his cabinet. When his term was over, she was sad to see him step down willingly, but glad to see that power had not truly corrupted him. She felt a connection to the island, and decided to keep her job for a while longer.

This was when she met the current president. The president asked her to lunch one day, and although she had been offered dates before, she usually declined them because she knew she wouldn’t be sticking around one place for long. Now that she had decided to stay in one place, she felt like it would be alright to accept. It was also something she had always wanted, as her life was incredibly lonely before coming to San Serrife and having a permanent apprentice.

The Master of Blades

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