San Seriffe

3-29: To the Moon!

The party decided it was finally time to see what was going on in that moon base. They fear that some witch business is going on, as there seem to be madness waves coming from the moon. They take with them Blade, Morgan, Winter, Axton, Chell, Yuko, and Dr. McNinja.

They have an elaborate plan about sending in fake ships to test the moon base’s defenses, but there is no response. They finally go inside to find a room similar to the boss teleporting room from Mega Man games. There were 8 teleportation pods that needed to be activated at the same time. Some of the portals could squeeze two small characters in the same pod, so some of the pods had 2 people in them.

Waiting at the other side of the portal was one of eight robot masters waiting to fight whoever came in. The notable fights included Jude and Yuko’s fight with Galaxy man and The President and Blade’s fight with Splash woman.

Galaxy man was a formidable foe who could use black holes to trap his foes in place, a move that had Yuko seeing flashbacks of the dreaded black hole jutsu. Jude was able to find out why the robot was working for Wily: he was going to be replaced soon, and Wily gave him another purpose instead of having him scrapped. Jude presented evidence that what Galaxy man was doing was wrong, and offered him an alternative solution: working for San Seriffe instead. Galaxy man was then turned to the party’s side.

The President tried a similar tactic on Splash woman, but it appeared that Splash woman had some kind of emotional attachment to Wily, and she would not betray him. The President had the opportunity to land the killing blow on her, but he would not do it. After minutes of him not doing anything, a hole opened in the floor and swallowed her up.

These fights concluded with zero casualties, and the portal to the next part of the moon base opened.

Inside was a large room with a single man floating on a hovering platform. This man is Green from Gunstar Heroes, and he was blocking the way to the next part of the base. Using his mighty Seven Force machine, he was able to transform his floating platform into 7 different forms. This was by far the strongest opponent the party had seen, as their attacks had trouble piercing the incredibly durable material of the Seven Force.

After a grueling battle that started at 3 am and ended at 5, the foe was defeated. The extra firepower of Marc’s grenade-launching golems proved invaluable to victory. However, Yuko and Dr. McNinja had taken too much damage, and they were sent back to the ship to be healed. The party found out that the teleportation pods in the later rooms are one way: so if you want to go back out to the ship, you cannot get back inside. With two fewer members, they brace themselves for the next challenge…

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