A witch who was taken in by the party, Caduceus works to repair all the damages caused by supers.


[Possible Soul Eater and/or Full Metal Alchemist spoilers ahead]

Caduceus is a snake witch, and as such she has mannerisms of a snake. Her eyes and tongue are shaped like snakes, and she occasionally slithers around instead of walking, although it has been explained to her that this is not socially acceptable behavior.

Until meeting the party, She lived most of her life in isolation or in the company of other crazy witches. Afterwards she was exposed to television and other media, and she has tried to learn social behavior from these things. If she sees a phrase or action on TV that she really likes, she’ll probably say or do it for the rest of the day.

Also she has no concept of right or wrong.


[Possible Soul Eater and/or Full Metal Alchemist spoilers ahead]

Caduceus is a snake witch from the US. She has been hunted by members of the WMBA in the past, and their attitude toward witches caused her to distrust strangers. No one ever reacted well when they found out she was a witch. Her hero was Medusa, a smart scientist who was able to accomplish so much while the world was against her. Caduceus strives to make her own scientific work match Medusa’s high standards.

Caduceus was able to make friends with a rabbit witch, Harriet, on her experiment to see if a witch could be befriended. Harriet was not particularly powerful, just as Caduceus was not. The thing that set Harriet apart from other witches was desperation: she needed to make a new scientific discovery or her funding would be cut off, and all the witches she tried stealing from were more powerful than her. When Harriet found Caduceus, she was looking for a lab partner to try alchemy. Harriet was suspicious that Caduceus might try to transmute her or some other diabolical thing, but her curiosity to do scientific research and the want to keep her reputation in her field made her go through with it. The two tried all sorts of experiments, but they were unable to turn one element into another.

The WDMA found her research lab one day while she was out. Harriet had made a breakthrough, but in her excitement her soul protect was let down, and the WDMA was able to track her soul. They found the secret research lab. When Caduceus returned, she found the dead body of her friend, as well as signs of a heavy battle. Her lab was destroyed; blood was everywhere.

Caduceus did not know if humans had killed her friend or other witches. She was afraid that if it was witches, they would come for her next, while if it was humans, they may or may not know that she also uses this facility. She decided it would be best to run off either way. She could return in a few years once things blew over more.

The place that she decided to run to was San Seriffe. It was a new nation, and she did not think that the WDMA would have an academy there yet. She was able to sneak her way in by transforming into a snake and getting shipped into the country as the wealthy man’s pet snake, along with one of her own snakes that she had made swallow the corpse of her best friend [they’re very big].

Once in San Seriffe, she found that there were many interesting people with different powers. She did not want to find out if these people would be just as prejudices against witches, so she kept to living in a swamp by herself. She had one goal while on this island: to research alchemy that could be used to bring someone back from the dead.

The day would come where she would succeed in her transmutation, but human transmutation has a great cost. When she met the one on the other side, he commented how it had been a while since he met someone who wasn’t human. If she was a snake, she could crawl like a snake. The other figure lifted his hands, and Caduceus’s feet began unraveling. She was returned to her world with bloody stumps for feet and arms. In the middle of her transmutation circle was a bloody, disfigured, monstrous rabbit. After that day, she resolved that she would not be defeated by the thing from the other side. She would perform human transmutation again one day.


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