Lillian, a promising teacher from Death Academy, is the Secretary of Education of San Seriffe


[Possible Soul Eater spoilers ahead]

Lillian is kind of a goth chick, at least in the way she dresses and acts. Perhaps the black blood that runs through her causes her to think of darker things, or perhaps the death of her closest friend jaded her. She had great support from her teachers after that incident, so she wanted to become one herself so she could help others like her.


[Possible Soul Eater spoilers ahead]

Lillian was a student at Death Academy for some time. She was a weapon, while her best friend was her meister. All was going well with her studies until a great tragedy befell the school.

A few witches let their soul protects down inside Death City, and a group of students were nearby to sense their presence. They didn’t want to give the witches a chance to get away, so they rushed over to defeat them. Lillian’s meister was one of the people in this group, but Lillian was not there with her.

A huge battle broke out in a laboratory located in the city. When the second closest group of students arrived on the scene, they saw the casualties on both sides. In order to defeat the remaining witches, Lillian had to pair up with Crona, and she got black blood from doing this. Doing this, they were able to defeat the witches that were there.

Afterwards Lillian did not want to stay in Death City. The place reminded her of her best friend, and it was a dangerous place, and her job was a dangerous one. She didn’t want to lose any more of her friends.

Death was concerned about losing such a talented person. He offered Lillian a position at the new magic island that popped up out of nowhere. They seemed to be starting up their own nation, and Death wanted to keep an eye on them, and having someone working over there in a position of high authority would be good for the academy. Lillian was a great student, and she was ready and responsible enough to go out on her own if she so desired.

Lillian liked the compromise of being able to keep in contact with those she knew from the academy while also having the chance to get away, so she accepted the offer. When she visited the island, she showed her credentials of having graduated from the WDMA (a thing Death arranged specifically) to work as the secretary of Education.


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